My Style

I specialize in family, documentary, and theme style photography in Williston, ND.

Family photography holds a special place in my heart. Maybe it’s because I have 6 kids, but I love the connection in family photography. The real moments. Quarreling among siblings, two year old tantrums because this shirt was NOT his pick, and big belly laughs because someone said the word fart. There is magic in that. Click of the camera shutter and I have that moment forever. I take traditional pictures mixed with more candid ones to capture the unique beauty of your family.

Documentary photography captures all the details of the moment or time in life as it is right now. It means telling your story in a natural and genuine manner. I have a personal project, my daughters competitive dance journey. Putting her hair in a bun, applying final touches to a costume, and stretching before a performance are a few examples of it. A DITL (Day In The Life) is a perfect way to remember your daily routines and kiddos activities, to show your authentic life.

Theme style photography is so fun. I enjoy every step of it. I like to start out with a Pinterest board of the theme and include anything that reminds me of the theme I’m creating. It can be colors, textures, clothing, or makeup I want to use to create our theme. I did a Lost Boys from the movie Peter Pan with my own kids. I can’t wait to plan another one soon.



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