I have always enjoyed taking pictures. My dad had a Nikon film camera growing up and started my love of photography. In school, I took drawing and painting classes but it wasn’t until I found photography that I found my artistic voice. I love the connection you can make with a single image, one look can stir emotions and revive old memories. I want to make life long remembrance with my work.

      I’ve lived in Williston almost all my life. In 2004, I received my Pharmacy Doctorate from NDSU and returned home to work. I spent 10 years working as a hospital pharmacist, which I thoroughly enjoyed, until I was pregnant with my 6th child. With my kids getting more active in sports and school activities, I found I needed to make a choice between work and family. I felt I still needed something for myself to do and grow at. I started taking photography classes and found my place again.


      *Photo credit on this page to Gabriel and Carin Black Photography


      My greatest joy and biggest accomplishment is my family. I have been married for 16 years to my husband, Wyatt. We have 7 children. My oldest daughter is Isabel, followed by 5 boys, Andrew, Luke, Lane, Ryder, Max and finally our youngest and second daughter Amelia Grace. We had to buy a passenger van to travel in and that was a huge lifestyle change for me.

      I am always trying to find free time to travel. It may only be across the state to see a friend or a long week in the Black Hills of SD, but it’s a priority. My kids have the travel bug too and enjoy coming on new adventures. My mom is my primary travel co pilot. It takes the right kind of attitude and loads of patience to travel with 7 kids.

      I am a fountain pop snob and will only go to certain gas stations to get a Diet Mountain Dew. I like to bake, but not cook meals. When I do bake it’s in huge batches so I can share with friends and family. If I’m eating calories everyone is!

      I want to capture my families real moments along with the silly, messy parts. I want my work to make you smile.

      Thanks, Kellie