Fresh 48 sessions are the most emotional and rewarding sessions I get to do. All the anticipation of meeting the new little one… and the fear of how the delivery will go… and the praying up to that point… and finally, the tears of joy when he or she finally makes an entrance into the world. It makes the time at the hospital a blur; add in the sleepless nights of vital checks on mama, trying to feed the baby every few hours, and everyone is exhausted and happy and all the emotions in between. 

      With all the restrictions in place right now, I wanted to give some tips for those wanting to capture this time for themselves or with the help of a partner. Here’s a checklist I mentally have when I walk into a session:

      • Picture of the hospital and/or a sign of the hospital
      • Pictures of signs saying where the delivery ward and nursery area
      • Picture of your room number
      • The clock so you have the time you arrived there
      • Any other details along the way to the room that represent the OB area 
      • The white board in the room with mom and baby details 
      • Items you brought with for the delivery
      • Baby’s first outfit
      • The birth certificate and baby bands
      • A picture of the music you are listening too
      • A picture of the weather that day
      • The baby right after delivery, getting weighed, measured, and cleaned up
      • Baby getting his/her footprints taken
      • First moments with the baby with mom, dad 
      • Pictures of family and siblings meeting baby (when they can come to the hospital again) 
      • Pictures of the flowers, balloons, and gifts received in the hospital
      • Picture of mom eating her first meal after delivery
      • Picture of the doctor with baby
      • Picture of partner filling out forms 
      • Picture of baby in the car seat before leaving
      • Picture of the cart with all the gifts to go home
      • Picture leaving the hospital

      Life doesn’t stop because of restrictions, so hopefully these tips and tricks will allow for people to capture the priceless memories that will last for a lifetime! I hope you enjoy looking at Tavish and Jessica’s fresh 48.