For Lexi’s senior pictures, we decided to do a fall and winter session, and she decided she wanted to have the memories captured on her family’s land. At her August session, we started out at an old homestead nearby. You could still smell the past life of the house; it smelled like old newspapers or books — a sad, beautiful old home, which created the perfect juxtaposition for the session. We had a lot of fun posing Lexi around it. Next we moved on to some wild flowers that had grown almost as tall as Lexi. Overall, it was a perfect evening, and Lexi’s natural intuition took over, making my job easy. Fast forward to December for her winter session- Lexi had a spot picked out near her house. It was a colder evening, but you’d never know because Lexi never complained once. She brought her tap shoes with so we could get some pictures of something that’s significant in her life. In dance, Lexi’ s tap routines are always full of energy and so fun to watch. She learns them via you tube videos her dance teacher in Arizona sends her. I can’t even begin to process how much harder that must be!  Through dance, I’ve gotten to know Lexi and her parents, who I now call my friends. Lexi has a matter of fact, level head that I admire. She is kind and sweet and will be greatly missed after she graduates. As you can see in her pictures, Lexi is a beautiful soul and has natural beauty.  Here’s some questions I like to ask my seniors so you can get to know them a little.

      Get to Know Lexi:

      Name of Senior Alexis Loomer

      What does a typical weekday look like for you?

      Since school is going to start now. Those days will look like going to school then straight to dance.

      What do you like to do on the weekends?

      If I don’t have dance I am usually with friends on the weekend.

      Top 3 favorite songs right now:Back To You – Selena Gomez Be Alright- Dean Lewis
      Girls Like You- Maroon 5

      Favorite Snack:Ice cream

      Nickname:  Lexi

      Favorite Website: American Eagle

      Dream Job: Condé Nast Travelers

      Biggest accomplishment in school so far:Being on honor roll every year

      Favorite place on Earth:Europe

      Person I would love to meet: The Kardashians

      Favorite thing in my closet:My jean jacket

      Favorite brand:Lucky Brand

      3 things I can’t live without:Phone, family, friends

      Favorite App on my phone: Snapchat

      My goals after high school:Travel

      My hobbies:Dance

      Something I always have in my purse/wallet/pocket:Chapstick

      My friends would describe me as: Responsible