I have known Nyalla and her family for almost 4 years now. She comes from a big (9 siblings) loving family.  Because I try to incorporate something new for each senior session, something that highlights their personalities, we started at a place downtown that I’d been saving for this session — angel wings painted on a brick wall. From there, we moved to a few other urban spots and then ended up by the water for the last rays of light. Nyalla’s outfits were a perfect fit for her personality! The bright, bold patterns were a perfect contrast to the bricks and contemporary backgrounds, and they give a glimpse of who she is!

      The connection that comes from having a big family with so many siblings is amazing, but what is even cooler is that Nyalla’s and her sister Chasity’s 17th share a birthday, which just so happened to be the day of pictures! So naturally we needed to get some pictures of them together to document the big day!

      Favorite Dessert: blonde brownie n ice cream

      Nickname: Nya-ann

      Favorite form of social media or combo (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat): Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and twitter

      Favorite website: homestyler

      Dream Job: to become an author

      Biggest Accomplishment in school so far: being able to graduate early

      Unusual talent I have: left handed

      Favorite Place on Earth: with my family

      Favorite Song: I won’t give up on you

      Person I want to meet: Beyoncé and Keith Powers

      Favorite things in my closet: my heels

      Favorite Brand: Fashion Nova

      3 Things I can’t live without : my family, my phone, and my best friends

      Something I always have in my purse/wallet/pocket : My phone

      Favorite App on my phone: Watt-pad

      My goals after high school: to become a preschool, elementary school teacher

      My Hobbies: doing hair, reading and writing, having fun with my family

      My friends would describe me as: goofy, outspoken

      Senior against angel wings Black and white of girl on steps Girl laying on blanket Senior girl fixing hair Senior girl in black and white striped top Senior leaning against a tree at sunset Portrait of Senior sitting on steps Senior girl sitting on a blanket Black and white of senior looking at reflection Senior sitting on chair senior girl leaning against tree Senior girl leaning against a tree Senior girl leaning against wall Portrait of senior

      sisters birthday picture senior picture with parents