I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Megan Wold for helping with this dance project. She may no longer have her photography business, but her passion and abilities remain, as she photographs her family, dance, and the projects near and dear to her heart! It’s so fun to see a collaboration come together after weeks of bouncing ideas off one another. Megan took time out of her crazy schedule to work on this project and made sure I met my deadline–which I know was not easy with her ever growing to-do list. I wanted to share some of her favorites shots from our latest photography adventure…I know they will make you smile! You can see other photos of hers in the individual blog posts as well!  Even if Megan only uses her talents as a hobby, she has a great eye and a gift for capturing those every day moments and turning them into ever-lasting memories!big sister putting lipstick on little sister
      Flower crown flower crown group shot Dance pose putting on lipstick
      girls dancing in badlands
      girls group shot in badlands Blowing silver glitter Silver glitter in hands black and white beauty additions girls dancing white smoke and girls Throwing red glitter blowing green glitter black and white of girls group shots in black leotards Green smoke and emeralds