I would like to introduce Bethany Dreffs. She has been dancing for almost 7 years now, and is looking forward to her second year on the KML competition team. Bethany is very affectionate and loves to give her teammates hugs when she sees them. Activities that Bethany likes to do are watching movies, reading books, playing with her fur babies (she has dogs and cats), and playing with her dolls and princesses–her favorite is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. She is also in gymnastics, and her signature color is pink! Bethany’s favorite vacation was going to Mt. Rushmore, but she can’t wait to visit the Florida beaches–she was born there. A fun fact about Bethany is that she was an aunt before she was even born; her niece was 3 months old when she was born, and now she has 5 nieces and nephews. A perfect Saturday would look like this: sleeping in, staying home in her pjs, cuddled up with mommy in bed, watching movies all day with a lot of her stuffed animals in bed.

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